Modpack suddenly crashing at CSS

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So I recently added a few music and custom skins onto extra slots and checked that my modpack freezes on the CSS while the menu music is still playing. I checked the UI.Character.bin and theres nothing wrong and the gui of skins and no corrupted or big files were found. Idk whats causing this but I checked with the extra slots which I limit them to 13 skins to some characters. Even though I decreased the extra slots to those characters, it still softlocks at the CSS. My modpack size is 4.10 GB. Heck I'm also worried if I added misplaced files into the wrong folders but all I did was add skins and music. Tell me any solutions or recommendations to this issue. Thx.


  • Be careful when adding chr_13. Some skins are not capitalized.
    They look like that "chr_13_mario_01" instead of "chr_13_Mario_01".
    Baguette Here.


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