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I recently tried to boot up Smash with some mods just to y'know, play... and something weird happened.
I played one game with my friend to try a new mod I installed, that being Nairo on ZSS, and it worked fine and all but when I went back to play another round on a new stage, the loading screen was infinite.
Confused, I reset my console to try again; thought maybe a combination of mods on screen messed something up. But when I turned the console on, it gave me a strange update, one I had never seen before. It didn't look like the regular updates from a long time ago, this one had sort of a bootleg look to it. It took about 2 minutes, then it let me continue on my way.
I boot up my mods using HaxChi, and when the game boots up everything is fine, all my mods are there, except I can't exactly play the game at all. As soon as I pick my stage, the loading screen remains for what seems like forever. My Wii U is still on as I'm writing this and it has been on the loading screen for a good half hour now.
Has this random sketchy update happened for anyone else? If so, could they please tell me what is going on and how to fix it? I've already tried removing the Nairo mod...
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    So I knew about the update beforehand and i forgot to block my system to prevent updates. I just tried out the modpack that I built on this new update and it ran perfectly. It's got to be something that you added to the most recent build of your pack, something it doesn't agree with. I've had it happen to me a few times on various builds. The new Nairo skin may just need some more work to it. I'll test it to see if it works for me.
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    As far as I know, it's supposedly an update to reflect GDPR.
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