Win10 Shortcuts activating themselves?

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One of a few complaints I've had with Windows 10 since upgrading from 7 is its insistence on shortcuts, suggestions, and "Let me do that for you"

One problem in particular has been costing me rounds in games, as it seizes control of the keyboard from the game.

That is to say something or other keeps making it so WASD and other keys keep opening windows default programs.

W seems to open "Windows Inkspace" or something, a keeps opening the XBOX overlay, D keeps minimizing everything....

The only fix I've been able to find is to use CTRL+ALT+DEL (regardless of option chosen, even cancel) 

Bottom line I know it has something to do with the Windows key, as every time it starts is when I try to bring up the game bar (Windows key + G) yet after the bar comes up, it apparently must keep thinking i"m pressing it (I checked the key, its not physically stuck; stickykeys is permanently disabled in settings) and its yanking me out of my games and pissing me off.

My question is simple: is there a place I can go to on Win10 to select/deselect active shortcuts? I would turn them completely off but I like the Windows DVR feature that I've started using, and the only way to bring that up IS a shortcut.

Can I turn some shortcuts off? but leave one on? That kinda thing. I've searched it in Cortana but it tells me to search online, which doesn't lead me to an answer, or at least not one thats clear. And browsing the control panel doesn't seem to shed any light on that either

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