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Hey everyone, I'm new to lua scripting (meaning I'm useless) I want to learn just a simple hook.
Okay, my friends and I were talking about hooking a player death to a caht bind, EG when I die in PH I saw in chat "Well that was an unexpected discovery" or when someone else dies it'll instantly say "[there name] couldn't handle the heat" instead of binding it to a key and pressing it when they die. I know this seems like a really amateur request, I've just been wanting to do this for a while now. Cheers


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    There's several ways to do this. For a gamemode, this is the hook you're looking for.

    However, you're going to need access to the game mode itself to use that one, as it's a gamemode hook.

    If you just want to make a hook that runs on every player death, consider using the PlayerDeath hook.

    Rough untested example of this:
    if !ConVarExists( "vnt_death_messages" ) then CreateConVar(    "vnt_death_messages" , "0" , { FCVAR_REPLICATED , FCVAR_ARCHIVE } , "(Boolean) Toggles custom death messages when players die." ) end

    local function VNTPlayerDeathChatPrint( vic, atk, kil )
        if GetConVarNumber( "vnt_death_messages" ) != 0 then
            local PlayerList = player.GetAll( )
            local Victim = vic
            local Killer = kil
            if Victim:IsPlayer( ) then

                if Killer != nil then
                    PlayerList:PrintMessage( HUD_PRINTCENTER , Victim .. " has been killed by " .. Killer )


                    PlayerList:PrintMessage( HUD_PRINTCENTER , Victim .. " has been killed!" )


    hook.Add("PlayerDeath", "VNTPlayerDeathChatPrint", VNTPlayerDeathChatPrint)

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