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Hey. I have been on what you all think as a month long hiatus, but truth is, I've been installing mods for a while. But that's besides the point. What I want to talk about is the problem with the Reset Password option. I'm currently using Microsoft Edge to type this in, as my account and it's password is saved on there. I changed my password, a few days later, I return on Chrome to log back in to my account. I'm unable to log in. I tried to reset the password by typing in the e-mail for this account. I look in the e-mail to notice the message isn't there. I tried typing in what I thought was my changed password, it rejected it. I tried again. Rejected. I try to get an email from GameBanana again allowing me to reset the password, nothing. It could be because I'm outright impatient. Right now for me, Gamebanana is starting to rot away at this point when it comes down to Reset Password e-mails. Please, I want to reset my password...
EDIT: I have just gotten the emails, as I have gotten bombarded with them due to the fact that I have clicked Reset Password and typed In the email of the account 4 times. I was an impatient son of a gun.
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    Why not file a support ticket where we can discuss it more in private?
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