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when I am editing the targetid.res in notepad ++ , there is that TargetNameLabel which is the player's name or a building in the target ID. I can edit the font, size, Y and Z pos, but I cannot edit the x pos. Normally it is 34 but whether I change it to -99999 or 99999 it does not change it's position at all. Also I have that same problem with the TargetDataLabel which is some other text under the name label, but that's only on the target ID when you look at a medic or maybe something else too I'm not sure.

Any help would be really nice :P


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    I believe the target id is locked on the x axis. I am not sure of this because I don't make huds, but I do edit huds a bit and personalize them.

    If this is wrong, don't trash talk or anything like. I'll simply just delete it if it is wrong.


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