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Hello, I recently got back into modding Smash 4. I was making my own Modpack and while testing it, something weird happened with the Character select screen. It seems that all character portraits within both the character portraits and icons, with the exception of DLC characters, were replaced with white boxes. I tried loading up another Modpack i have downloaded a while ago, and it ended up having the same issue. I checked the vanilla version of the game, and the problem does not end up happening. Is there something screwed up with my smash explorer or am I doing something wrong? someone please help.
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  • chr_10 files are necessary for there to be a select portrait on the roster screen. Did you recently mod the CSS portraits? 

    Go slow when you mod and retrace your steps if something goes awry

     I would suggest add 10 to 12 mods at a time, and only in one category. 

    Also, turn your last modpack into a backup or save your workspace as a backup.
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