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Looking for any mod that puts DLC guns in

A Forum Thread for Fallout: New Vegas

Looking for any mod that puts the Dead Money weapons somewhere in the Mojave. I've spent a good deal of time browsing the FalloutNV section of the Nexus but to not much avail. 

Before anyone asks about buying DLC, I own all of it because I bought GOTY edition, or whatever the NV variant is called, that includes all DLC. So there's no problem there.

Something I'd do myself but I have yet to understand the GECK; its a manner of "Why spend weeks learning something intricate just so I can get access to these 2 items"
I'd cheat them in with the console but I sorta like my Achievement Popups, pointless as they are. 

I almost completed Dead Money but a rage-inducing glitch with the bomb collar toward the end of the campaign made me drop it and load a save from before I embarked on Dead Money. All I really wanted from it was the guns anyway, the Police Pistol and the BAR rifle, and whatever else there was. I don't need no gold, I'm already loaded from scavving. 

Are there any mods that will either flick that flag that puts those weapons in the Gun Runner's Vendatron (as in the flag that turns on after the completion of the campaign) or simply puts these weapons in the overworld that I can nab?

Way I see it, even if the mod is something I want to uninstall afterward I should be able to nab the guns then uninstall the mod, with the guns intact. Jury Rigging can keep them going from there.

Alternatively anyone here with GECK experience and wants to make me a very very barebones "item placement" mod, lemme know and I'll open like a GB request for it or something. just asking for the Automatic Rifle, and the Police Pistol. By all means leave any unique variants out so I have something to root for if I decide to return to Dead Money for whatever head-exploding self-sadistic reason.
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    Last I remember checking, using the console to cheat them in won't actually effect your achievement status in a negative way for Fallout: New Vegas. So far as I can recall, unlike Fallout 4 and Skyrim: Special Edition rendering the use of cheats and mods null for your achievement progress (which people have already made an easy bypass fix for, so using mods or cheating things in via console works perfectly fine without hindering your achievement progress), Fallout: New Vegas won't throw a fit and stop you from progressing any further with your achievements.
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