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CSGO player model to CS 1.6[HELP]

A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike 1.6

Is there any way to port a CS GO player model to CS 1.6 ?
I see threads just with arms/guns cs go port to cs 1.6 but nothing about player models.
I want to do it very much, but i can't find any tutorial and if you can help me i will be realy happy !


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    One simply can not port a player model as is from a source engine game to a goldsrc one, a lot of editing is required.
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    The main work is reassigning the bones (vertex weights) which really takes a hell lot of a time and is guaranteed to get bugs (stretched vertices on specific anims.

    Since those models are way too high poly for goldsrc..
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    Best way is to reduce the poly count first, rig with hard weights and it should be good.
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