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What size SD Card do I need for a Smash 4 Modpack? Is a Wii SD 2GB enough?


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    If you don't want to use a lot of mods, 2 GB should be fine. If you want to go heavy on the mods, I'd recommend a 16 or 32 GB SD card.
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    It just depends on what you want. If you keep it relatively light on mods 2 GB should work fine, but if you start adding music or go heavy with it then that'll run out very fast.
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    I use a 4GB card to play pretty big modpacks like Ch4os and Smash Unle4shed. IDK how big Ken's modpack is though
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  • I personally recommend a 8gb sd card for modding. That covers the size of most modpacks from YouTubers and if you ever want to get into modding yourself, its a pretty good size to give you room for a lot of mods. Its also only about 5-6 bucks so its a pretty good deal!


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