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Who do you want?

I personally want the Inklings (yay!), Ice Climbers, Wolf, Issac (Golden Sun), a character from Arms, King K Rool, and for third party, Shantae (she probably got second in the ballot let's be real), and CRASH BANDICOOT (his game is on the Switch which means he's got a shot!)


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    I unironically want Waluigi. Honestly, he's the only character I need.

    Shovel Knight would be pretty cool too tho. And Snake.
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    y tho
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    Assuming that Namco’s working on Smash 5, I’d love to see Nightmare from SoulCalibur make an appearance. As for first-party characters, I’m hoping we’ll get a new Kirby character (ideally Adeleine or Galacta Knight, but I would accept Bandana Dee), of course a new Pokemon (most likely Decidueye), and possibly Shadow making the jump from Assist Trophy to character like Little Mac did. Also, this is a stretch, but I’m hoping for another Final Fantasy character (either Terra or Noctis).
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    I hope Solaire makes an appearance, since he's on the Switch now AND has an Amiibo.
    I have no idea to be honest
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    Other than K. Rool, Shovel Knight, Wolf, Crash, etc. I personally think Metal Sonic would make a great addition to the roster.
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    It will never, ever, ever, ever....EVER happen in a million years, but my dream character would be Count Blek from Super Paper Mario.
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    Nick-Tan is Best Tan
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    I know it may be a bit too much to ask for, but I honestly want all of the previous characters to come back for this next game more than anything else. Chances are I'll be content with whichever character they add in, but I sincerely wish that they don't cut any characters this time on top of bringing back everyone they did cut if they could.

    If I had to make a list of my most wanted newcomers based on the franchises we already have I'd have these characters in mind:
    Super Mario: Princess Daisy/Toad
    Donkey Kong: Dixie Kong/King K. Rool
    The Legend of Zelda: Linkle
    Metroid: Dark Samus/Anthony Higgs
    Yoshi: Kamek
    Kirby: Gooey/Bandana Dee
    Star Fox: Krystal
    POKéMON: Decidueye/Gardevoir
    Earthbound: Paula
    F-Zero: Blood Falcon/Black Shadow
    Fire Emblem: Lyn/Alm & Celica
    Wario: Waluigi/Ashley
    Kid Icarus: Magnus/Fighter
    Pikmin: Louie/Brittany
    Metal Gear: Raiden
    Sonic the Hedgehog: Shadow the Hedgehog
    Animal Crossing: Isabella
    Punch-Out: Glass Joe
    Xenoblade: Mecha-Fiora/Rex, Pyra
    Mega Man: Zero (MMZ)
    Street Fighter: Ken/Chun-Li
    Final Fantasy: Warrior/Thief/White Mage/Black Mage
    Bayonetta: Jeanne

    Outside of those franchises I would love to see an ARMS character get in as another Nintendo property. Outside of Nintendo, I'm most interested in Shantae. Feel free to comment on the likelihood on these characters appearing. I know that not everyone or not even anyone on this list may get in, but a man can dream can he?
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  • If Snake or Wolf come back, I’ll be a happy boy.
    Mysterious Moron
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    I want to at least have my favorite Pokemon vets back, Pichu and Squirtle. 

    As for newcomers, a generation 5 pokemon would be greatly appreciated imo, but it'll never happen since Nintendo decided to go with gen 6 for Sm4sh and now gen 7 is also out. 
    Similarly, I also want princess Daisy, but... yeah, she has, like, 2 canon appearances (still more than Waluigi lmao), so the chance is still pretty slim. King Boo is also amongst my list of wanted newcomers, but again, not a lot of "canonical" appearances, which's sad. As for Kirby, I'd say Prince Fluff, but I'm not even sure he's even owned by Nintendo. As for Fire Emblem, I'd ask for Lianna from FE Warriors, but that's a spin-off title, so I'm unsure of the possibility. 

    ... As for outside the realm of Nintendo, I can't say I'd need to ask for more. SEGA doesn't need more imo, but Ulala would definitely be appreciated. Namco-Bandai could use a Tales of rep (preferably Symphonia or Vesperia), but other than that and Klonoa, I can't think of much. Capcom would be well-represented in my eyes if Phoenix Wright and/or Amaterasu gets added. I'd also like Snake back for Konami (even though I know Kojima left Konami). All of it is assuming every third-party character from Smash 4 (sadly including Bayonetta) returns, of course. Characters like Spyro or Hat Kid would also be nice. 

    Whew. Sorry if I rambled on and this became a wall of text. I'm just quite picky despite liking to keep my eyes on actual fact at all times. 
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    Travelling mind
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    I'd love to have a number of the older characters back like Snake, Ice Climbers, Wolf, and the pokemon but personally I'm looking forward to new characters just cause. I'd personally love to have Lyn cause she deserves way more than assist trophy status. With so many games coming over to the Switch there's gonna be a lot of characters to reach from 

    Isaac from Golden Sun probably won't make it as much as that hurts me. The series just hasn't really had anything in forever, but I'd love him to be in regardless
    Is it cute?
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    I want Waluigi, Toad, Decidueye, Tails, and Rayman (and also cash banooca lol)
    The random Luigi fan dude
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    For Final Fantasy: Noctis Lucis Caelum
    For TEKKEN: Jin Kazama
    Stick around
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    i want geno, rayman, crash, chibi robo, wolf, king k rool, new funky mode, sans (okay not really but it would be funny), and young link. also, shantae probably wasn't second on the ballot. it was probably something like goku or shrek, lol.
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  • OK, OK, so hear me out on this. You know how they did Duck Hunt by combining multiple characters that revolved around the NES Zapper? We need a duo character that symbolises the yarn games (Wooly World and Epic Yarn). We need... Prince Fluff and Poochy. They could act like a steed and rider and utilise special moves that were present in their games, which is already really creative and would be so fun to play as, and for a final smash, Poochy could drive a Prince Fluff tank! It'd be awesome!

    Also, I don't wanna be a jerk and spoil anyone's good moods by saying this... But... There's an actual chance... A small one, albeit... That Octodad could be in Smash. Am I 100% against this? No. It could actually have potential. Would I be salty if we get this character instead of someone want? Yes.

    It'd also be sweet is we could also get another Xeonblade character. I know everyone's all about getting Rex and Pyra, which I think is fine, but if it needs to be a standalone character, we need Jin, especially since there's not nearly enough villains in Smash. 

    I get everyone wants Linkle, which I can totally respect, but we need Tingle. Balloons to soar through the skies and weaponised rupees... How is this not a character yet?

    Mr Sandman needs to join. He's a classic villain, and his moveset is much different then that of Mac. He swings faster and probably jumps higher.
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