Cross hair moving itself! Please help

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Hi there,

I am having some weird problems with my cs 1.6

1) My cross hair moves itself. When I move my mouse a little bit my cross hair at times moves rapidly more than I intended to do. It moves in all directions. If I move my mouse to the left then my cross hair moves to the left and suddenly it moves to the top side of the screen. Similarly, if I move my mouse to the right then my cross hair moves to the right and suddenly it moves to the bottom side too. But most of the time my crosshair moves in the same direction but it moves way more than I intend to. This problem is happening every time I play cs.

2) My awp zoom opens and shuts itself automatically. It happened only 1-2 times. 

3) My gun fires automatically. It happened only 1-2 times. 

I am playing cs 1.6 with my steel series kinzu v2 mouse on windows 10 on my new acer aspire 5 laptop.

I have also used -noforce commands in launch option but doesn't work at all. I have also used m_rawinput 1 command but didn't help. Unistalled cs many times but still no luck. I was playing cs before on windows 7 last month on HP laptop and I never had that problem. Not sure if this problem is due to windows 10, integrated graphic card, dedicated graphic card or due to this new laptop :(

I would really appreciate your help on this.

Thank you!
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    woop Joined 9mo ago
    Hi there!

    Did you download CS 1.6 from I have tried that before and it malfunctions. It was a corrupted one.

    Download Counter-Strike 1.6 from here:

    The link above is pure, non-steam CS 1.6 by WaRzOnE. I have tried it and it works properly.
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