Cs 1.6: Valve hammer few questions from newbie

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i am newbie that does want to use valve hammer expertly (i have questions)
note: i am using valve hammer 3.4

----------------------vertex tool
-whenever i tried to use vertex tool in (non 3d view)  theres a blue selection comes up what is it - what is the use of it?
-how to align the object that been resize - precisely?
----------------------rotating entity
-i want to rotate the entity which the a player/enemy spawn. i had a problem i my testing map where - the enemy players are facing a wrong direction.. another thing is the entity is box and green i dont know where it certainly facing

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    Use Sledge Editor rather than hammer
    Just make sure to set your default file format as .rmf because it may set it as .vmf for CSS / CSGO by default.
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    Use J.A.C.K hammer.

    U need to edit .fgd to show the player models, not a green box instead. 
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    - The use of the blue selection square is to select overlaping vertices that you otherwise can't do in 3d view (or it's hard). Just press enter to make it disappear and click again to unselect whatever got selected.
    - Didn't understand the second question- sorry.
    - Entities can be rotated when you bring up their properties panel with the right mouse button. There you should see a "Pitch Yaw Roll" option. Depending on which 2d window you're currently in these will work differently. I suggest top view. There you need to change only the "Yaw" option to rotate the entity. It works in degrees, so to make the player spawn face the opposite direction you should change the Yaw from 0 to 180.
    Whether you see the models themselves or green boxes in the Hammer editor depends entirely on the FGD you're using, not the editor itself. Get a better FGD for CS 1.6,  don't use the default one- it's outdated.
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