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I don't know what is causing the problem.Mod,perhaps?Basically i install the CS:GO skin and weapon pack (From CS:GO Ports,i believe) and the game works,for one round perhaps.On the start of round 2 i buy guns,you know,and then when i kill someone the game freezes,everything.The sounds,display,etc.I have Windows 10 pro and a solid laptop,to say the least.Any help will be appreciated
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    Remove the mods one by one, try playing the game then. If the problem stops occuring remember which mod you removed last, then readd the other ones that did not solve the problem.

    If you remove all the mods and it still does not work redownload the game from steam and see if this solves the problems. If not there might be a problem with your graphics card drivers or something like this.


    BTW as textures rarely crash a game I suspect it might be a sound file or something, these were able to crash games if in the wrong format if I remember correctly. Try to find a pattern when the crash exactly occurs.
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    Try to undo everything you've done one by one
    remember, always provide a backup everytime u install a mod
    XD XD XD
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    You own the Steam version of the game? If so, you won't need to reinstall entire game; you can just verify integrity of game cache and it will download the original files back.

    Also in the steam version, you don't need to replace the original files at all, you simply make a "cstrike_addons" folder and add all new content there. That way you can actually toggle custom content on/off from the Options in-game menu.
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