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Recommendations, please?

Been grinding Half-Life and expansions like its my newest game lately, only I finished those for the umpteenth time and now I've branched out into conversion mods by the community.

I'm looking through ModDB for these, and was wondering if anyone knew any good obscurely named mods that were worth a shot even remotely.
Mind you, I ask to avoid searching every letter of the alphabet wading through 200 pages per letter, I'm looking for GoldSrc Half Life  mods that obviously don't include the word "Half-Life:" in their title.

While there are many (many!) upcoming mods, I ask only to list released ones.
Ones I've played so far are:

Heart of Evil 
- A strange take on a dark secret of the vietnam war
A wacky and hilarious mod where everyone is a variant of G-Man
Jamie's Mod 
- Insane and random mod featuring largely forgotten "The Dups" characters
Brutal Half-Life (V.01) 
- A remake of Half-Life with extreme and expanded gore and pain possibilities, with development alive and thriving to include many cameo elements from FPS games of the DOS era
- One of the seemingly more infamous "messup mods" that turn everything into something blatantly offensive (i.e. gay rape)
Sven Coop
-This is Half Life multiplayer supreme. Actively developed and patched, available on steam for free as standalone; a copy of half life is not required, though if you're reading this chances are you have a copy anyway.
dozens if not a hundred servers available.

Half-Life: Zombie Edition 
- A perspective adventure from the view of one of many headcrabs having a field day in the BMRF during the Black Mesa Incident, featuring armed scientists and M16 wielding guards as enemies as well as a 3-category DNA upgrade system earned by eating bodies
Half-Life: Decay
 - While originally a real game and technically a 2 player coop expansion pack with Gina Cross and Collette Green as heroines released only on the PS2, some russian devs apparently ported it to PC as a mod. 
Believe it or not there are at least 3 servers still up.
HazardOUS  Course
- A platforming challenge mod that takes all the elements of the Hazard Course training level and makes them furiously difficult and taken to the extreme with noticeable lack of health and safety procedures, but has eye-popping mapwork and level design for a legacy GoldSrc game.
Half-Life: Before
- A rather disappointing 1-map campaign mod with nothing to do with the BMRF that somehow got Greenlit on Steam that lasts 10 minutes and is not something I do not recommend playing
Operation Rosenberg
- A recently released mod using Opposing Force as a base, told from the eyes of ANOTHER HECU soldier, is a mission that takes place after the end of the Black Mesa Incident to recapture Dr. Rosenburg. Currently very broken from what I've seen.
SSH : Mod Messup 1 : WTF Mod
 -The name itself describes this one.
Afraid of Monsters Director's Cut
- An entirely original psychological game... I often consider this a standalone game due to how much original content is in it
Cry of Fear
- Another entirely original psychological horror game.... I consider this too a standalone game almost due to how much original content is in it; mentioning only so it isn't needlessly suggested
Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D.
-A mod by former Valve devs about a guy escaping from a dystopian maximum security prison apparently located in the Bahamas or something. Available on Steam, along with a LOT of merchandise apparently.

Okay, adding to the list, I have now played

Scientist Hunt
- The goal of the game is to kill the most scientists on the map. Led to some very creative themed maps. Unfortunately it would seem the gamemode was entirely bragging rights between players, as I've played it and there was no winning screen after all the scientists were dead.
There are still a couple of servers still running.
Point of View
- I found this one through an advertisement in a Scientist Hunt map believe it or not, apparently like Zombie Edition, you play the role of an alien; this time as an Alien vort Slave.

Azure Sheep
- It would appear this came shortly before Blue Shift released in 2001, or Gearbox had the same idea; uses no content from Blue Shift from what I can tell. You play as a guard "Just Barney" and make you r way through unseen areas of Black Mesa, apparently eventually rewriting Half Life by becoming the same guard who "has a message" for Gordon in Apprehension and originally gets shot in the throat. Features a TALKING Gordon Freeman you have to babysit.
Edge of Darkness
- An assassination mission, kill some familiar looking guy in a blue suit, who's name is Smith Smithson. Decent scripting and sentence mixing for something that uses 100% vanilla material.
The Trap (V1.50)
- Not much is explained right-away in-game, but it is clear you are some sort of prisoner or test subject instructed to solve a series of hazardous tests with little in regard for health and safety. Seems greatly inspired by Portal; if you like Portal, Obby courses, and Half Life logic you'll like this. Features an announcer with a voice that actually isn't terrible.
- Apparently a story of some random technician working inside an anti-Xen defense force. Odd logic to the game, work at a highly advanced military outpost, not a single military weapon or ammo for 20 miles, but plenty of nails. 
Poke646: Vendetta
- Apparent sequel and successor to Poke646. Haven't gotten far in it yet.
- Just as I was told there is little to do with Half Life or Quake in this mod. The entire goal of the game is to die, I think. Its hard to tell, reverse psychology feels literal there.
Sadism is an odd thing to base a game around, when its the player who's suppose to die. Personally I think that if you wanna die 200 times without making progress, you should try HazardOUS Course instead. Does feature a Marylin Manson album though...
- A recent release as well. As the name suggests, its Max Payne-over gordon conversion. Dual wield pistols, mac10's, slide jump and activate bullettime... voiced protagonist, and strangest of all, fully functional closed captioning --- something Half Life never had. They've modified several lines, you will never be called Doctor Freeman by an NPC, even in scripted scenes. Also features some "Custom gamemodes" whatever they are, I'll have to check them out sometime.
Autonomy Lost
- Apparently a sequel to another mod I've never heard of apparently named "Hunt The Cunt" [sic]. Presumably female HECU protagonist Jane Doe given a mission by the G-man to retrieve some documents in repayment for being extracted from certain doom in the niche of time. Seems alright but easy to get lost. Features dozens of Duke Nukem references including a few interactive PC's playing the DOS game you can press use on.
Scientist Slaughterhouse
- Like Scientist Hunt without the competitive player against player elements of "who kills the most wins" and unlike it's "WTF Messup Mod" it is essentially a singleplayer playground and sandbox of a very widespread... facility of sorts all geared toward the purpose of murdering scientists as the name suggests. Extensive modifications to Gordon's usual arsenal including lasers, incendiary weapons, and missiles. Contains a multi-map facility full of contraptions and weaponry.
- Essentially a primitive form of Garry's Mod for Half Life, though limited to basically spawning NPCs without fear of precache exceptions. Contains a few custom maps usually made of namesake sand. Press Q for a spawn menu. Features a few working yet only partially functional cut NPCs such as the Minigun Sarge and the Panthereye.
- Much like Half Life is from the view of Gordon Freeman, an oddly athletic scientist, Opposing Force is from the view of a HECU marine who is brick-wall status compared to his colleagues, and Blue Shift from the view of a notorious security guard who has plenty of authority but is stuck doing what everyone tells him to, BlackOPS is from the view of one of the... well, Black Ops members who infiltrated Black Mesa during the disaster. Although instead of traveling through Black Mesa you spend most of your time searching for a briefcase and scientist in some ghetto. Go figure.
The Challenger Deep 2
- While I have yet to search out Challenger Deep 1, this mod seems to be about Gordon being assigned to a secret research facility in the Challenger Deep. For those who don't know, The Challenger Deep is a location on earth where there remains much exploration and undiscovered aquatic species roam, often hindered by the depth of that part of the ocean too deep for even today's pressurized suits and technology.
Naturally, a fatal flaw from inception, from the very start they explain that the operations are so top secret that if something goes wrong the military is supposed to terminate all involved parties. You even find "friendly" Hgrunts roaming the halls in the beginning 
"Half-Life E3 1998"
- Unlike the E3 1997 leak of 1997 which was unmodified more or less Half Life alpha tech demo on quake engine, this mod is largely recreated for GoldSrc it seems. The scientist models look awful, worse than alpha. After this disappointment I think I'll wait for Preliminary for my craving of Alpha cut Content
Gunman Chronicles
- A commercial release over 18 years ago by a now-defunct company called Rewolf, GC is now seemingly considered largely as abandonware and is available from a few site for free download.
Has nothing to do with Half Life as it is simply its own game on the Half Life engine, I haven't made it very far because when I launched it first I had a terrible migraine and quit just after the intro sequence. Its on my list of "come back to soon"
There are at least 3 multiplayer servers still running.
- A russian-savvy mod with a russian-savvy story. Okay its a bit sci-fi. Anyway you play as a Major in the USS Spetznaz unit, you are given a mission to intercept and take care of a terrorist takeover of a facility, only to eventually discover a dark secret hiding below toward the ending of the game... though instead of stopping the nasty secret, your goal is to stop a side-effect of the secret that is hindering the secret's progress... if that makes sense. Features body horror on a whole new level, way past Resident Evil in my opinion. Russian voiced, English Subtitles only. There is also a standalone version available for the ever-growing-in-popularity Xash3D engine. 
They Hunger
This one I have played well before making this thread so technically I should have mentioned this in the section above, but I have only played it in Sven Coop, which paradoxically means I probably shouldn't be listing this as something I've played yet. Played before and after the major update that was made to the campaign featuring unique weaponry. I have yet to play the standalone version; personally I'm jaded by that Sven Coop update so I'm trying to find a standalone version with those weapons.
Arctic Incident
- Heres a game that makes me cold just playing it. The intro is about 10 seconds long, some guys are supposably researching something... suddenly monsters appear. Thats all the plot you need for a game I guess. Everything, the weapons, the enemies, even the fucking ammo is painted White, Black and Blue as if to set a theme. So far seems promising, I have yet to stop and say "hey that is just cheap" so the mapping is holding tight and the combat is satisfying. I still have no idea who I'm supposed to be, or what I'm supposed to be doing, but I have a gun, there are monsters, and there's ammo everywhere, that's all the stimuli I need. I'm impressed by the weapon selection too. I haven't seen all the weapons but theres an M9 custom with what i can only assume is an insulating coating, and what brings me back to an old 2005 article  about guns and their effectiveness in sub-zero temperatures ---- the "9mmAR" is an FN FAL or a Galil (Kinda hard to tell when its lowpoly)---- a gun that passed those trials with flying colors, it also shoots rifle bullets now, doesn't share the ammo pool with the handgun. Its also set up for where the aliens give you "cold" damage instead of shock damage. This is definitely a keeper.
Timeline (Remod) Prologue
- Okay few of the mods I've played so far have left me this puzzled. You start out suitless, wandering around outside an isolated skyscraper labelled BMRF, suddenly the roof blows off and when you get in you find a suit... then you go one floor down and there are Nazis everywhere. Since you start out weaponless, I tried to get as far as I could but 30 machine gun wielding guys are kinda hard to survive. So I restarted the map and impulse 101'd and was surprised at how good the weapon models were... the 357 is now an M1 Garand, the MP5 is now a MP40 with some kinda grenade launcher, the shotgun is a WWII trenchgun... yet the 9mm pistol is a modern Glock. Mapping is terrible in comparison to everything else.
USS Darkstar/CS Darkstar
- Set in 2066 its a BMRF in space; Zoology Research Vessel where the "zoology" is with Xen aliens... you can see where this is going naturally. Apparently distributed originally by PC Gamer magazine in 1999, this mod is rather interesting as it has an alternate gamemode (separate download required) where your arsenal is entirely Counter Strike. That version is known as CS Darkstar and includes HD NPC models I have never seen before. 
Ralf-Rats: A fever dream
- First Wild West Half Life mod I've seen, its far from cowboys and bandits but rather some drunken git with a helluva wit, faced with hellborne demons of some sort, anodd combination. Fully voiced protagonist and is very in-character. Probably the most unnerving mod I've played, alone due to the "idle" sounds of what I can only call the "zombie bears" and in part by the fact that your standard weapon is a powerful revolver, yet ammo is scarce in correlation to the amount of enemies, its a constant choice between run or shoot. An old version of this mod is actually hosted here at GB check it out: https://gamebanana.com/gamefiles/4399

And of course while not a GoldSrc mod, I've also been playing and developing my own Half Life: Source upcoming messup mod. (5 years in the making...)

Again, in short, I'm asking if anyone has played any Odd-named Half Life mods that were fun to tell me about them. 
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