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All Best List of 100 GoldSource Engine GAMES /mods

A Forum Thread for GoldSrc Engine

Best 100+ GoldSource Engine GAMES / Half-Life 1 MODS that you have to Play.

Most Comprehensive List, unlike other listing.
note: some games listed below have moved to be Source Engine GAMES / Half-Life 2 MODS.
Based on 6 main Features / categories :
∞ Gold / unique gameplay.....have to play 
~ Silver / sound nice...looks good...wanna play

A. MULTIPLE TEAM Multiplayer:

Morbid Inclination (8) ~
Pirates Vikings Knights (3) ∞
Swarm (4) ~

B. DUAL TEAM Multiplayer & ROUNDLY Respawn:

Counter-Strike ∞
Counter-Strike : condition zero
Digital Paint Ball ~
Vampire Slayer ∞

C. DUAL TEAM Multiplayer & QUICK Respawn:

Alien World
Battle Grounds ∞
Day of Defeat ∞
Earth Special Force ∞
Front Line Force
Gang Wars
Global Warfare
International Online Soccer ∞
Natural Selection ∞
Science and Industry
StarGate TC
Street Anarchy Reloaded
Syndicate Black Ops
Team Fortress Classic ~
Tour of Duty
Trenches ∞
UnderWorld : BloodLine ~
War in Europe
Weapons Factory
Wizard Wars ∞
Zombie Panic ∞

D. INDIVIDUAL Multiplayer battle:

Action half-life ~
Bumper Cars ~
Death Match Classic ~
Desert Crisis
Gangsta Wars
Golden Eye
Gunman Chronicles
Master Sword
Mortal Kombat ∞
Omega Wing ∞
Opposing Force
Rally ∞
Ricochet ∞
Runner ∞
Ship ∞
Snow War ~
Specialists ~
Wanted! ~

E. CO-OP Multiplayer:

Cry of Fear
Sven Co-op

F. SINGLE Player:

Afraid of Monsters : Director's Cut
Azure Sheep
Black Ops
Blue Shift
Brutal half-life 
Challenger Deep 2
E7 Black Star
Edge of Darkness
Escape from Woomera
Hazardous-Course 2
Heart of Evil
Point of View
Poke 646
Poke 646 : Vendetta
Prototype 98
Residual Life
Residual Point
Tactical Espionage Action
They Hunger
USS Darkstar
Zombie Edition
.......thousand more.........
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    Cell 1
    paranoia =/= goldsource
    im not scared
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    What? No Kanonball?
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    Jiggle Jiggle
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    The best hl1 mod for me are:

    Heart of Evil
    Afraid of monsters
    Half Life Opposing Force
    They Hunger
    And Counter Strike ;)
    Life is like games of chance avatar
    Life is like games of chance
  • 2mo
    The303 avatar
    The303 Joined 1y ago
    A few more:
    -Sweet Half-Life
    -Rocket Crowbar
    -Half-Rats: Parasomnia (standalone)
    -C.A.G.E.D (standalone)

    Also Should add a note that Sven Co-op comes bundled with "They Hunger EP1~3".


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