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Hello! So I'm installing a lot of skins currently, and I know a lot of characters have other models than their fighter model. I'll use King Dedede as an example. He has a model for his jethammer, in addition to a bunch of other things. Is it possible for me to put in a new hammer model named, let's say c08, and have it appear solely on the 9th skin? Also, if this does work, would it have a restriction to folders c00 - c07? 



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    This will only work for models that are different depending on the skin slot used like Peach's parasol and Meta Knight's mantle because their colors match those of the alternate colors. It won't work for King Dedede's Jet Hammer or other stuff like Rosalina's Luma and Ganondorf's sword because those are the same regardless of the skin slot used
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