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Hello everyone !

I am trying to get a little more into modding by creating my own stuff.

So I decided to start slowly by creating my own nameplate. I used the "Automatic Nameplate Generator v1.1" to do so.

When i create the .dds file, everything is (I think) fine. I got a Pink and Blue image with the name I want, and I export it as a BC5 / ATI2 (3dc) with no mipmap file.

Then, I open Smash Forge, open my original chrn_11 file (here it's KoopaJr_01), and I got a black screen as a preview.
That's when something seems wrong.

Still on Smash Forge, I right click on my ID file, select "Replace" and I replace my chrn_11_KoopaJr_01 file with my previous .dds file.
When I do this, the black screen preview is still black but with red blurred lines on it.
I noticed the format file changed to CompressedRgRgtc2 with the vanilla file to  RedRgtc1 with the replaced file.

When I put the file on my game, the file loads (no freeze), but the name is just a glitchy unreadable thing.

Did I miss something ?

I hope you can help me, thank you !


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