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Help Me Here Please...

A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike 1.6

Guys Help Me Here Please:

- 1: i need someone link me the download the best compilers and fixed for skin compiling...or tell me how i prevent uv shifts after recompiling a skin...

- 2: i cant open milkskape 1.8.4/1.8.5 in linux for some reason (i am using latest wine)...but i remembered that to execute it i must have some dlls copied to the milkskape folder and in other folder else but i dont know the names of those libraries,dlls,or what ever it is so please link me the download if you know and also tell me where i install them...

- 3: my counter strike actually its not playing/running for some reason when i create a local server with or without bots (but it does run when i connect to favorite or internet servers) and gets stuck like forever when the loading bar appears...i need someone to tell me how i may solve this...

preview of the issue

- 4: can someone gimme the link of the best masterserver.vdf file please? but must work when you want to go to the internet servers tab in game and must retrieve the list of servers from most of countries as well...

- 5: wait...i forgot what i was gonna wrote...


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    better to use windows lel :v

    just found out from my brother (he's ubuntu user) that if you wanna stuff related to Gaming better not to use ubuntu, it'll make a lot more work and effort :v
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