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Can't get custom skins to work -_-

A Forum Thread for Left 4 Dead

Is Left 4 Dead even a valve game?

Nothing works!!

putting VPK files of the skins in the addons folder doesn't work
editing the whitelist.cfg doesn't work
editing the pak01_dir especially doesn't work (game refuses to launch)
unpacking everything with GCFScape and replacing default files doesn't work (game launches but crashes when trying to launch a campaign)
no tutorial here or on the net works

Putting custom campaigns in addons folder works, but not skins.
Valve is notorious for making their games very moddable, but it seems they went out of their way to make an exception with Left 4 Dead -_-

Can anyone help me here?


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    Well Left 4 Dead 1 really isn't mod-friendly. Left 4 Dead 2 is, however its safer to use vpk's in the addon folder than it is to edit the files directly. 

    To be fair, they made heavy modifications to the source engine and how it worked during the development of L4D1, modding ability is usually not a priority. The fact you can mod games like half life 2 are a side effect of how the file system is read, and later on, they adapted the engine slightly to allow even more modification. (SteamPipe)

    Thats the way I remember it anyway

    I don't like not being able to mod L4D1 either, I managed to get one skin working, but in the process I broke literally every other texture in the game as well as muting half the sound. 
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