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A question from a newbie

A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike 1.6

Ok ,so I just tried CS: Source and i was thinking:" Man! These BOTs are amazing, they navigate through maps easily, they can overcome many obstacles on their way and they are simply just... Amzing!". Then I had an idea to try to port the BOT AI from CS: Source to CS 1.6. So now I wanna ask... Is it possible? I'm curious.

P.S: I'm new to this website so... Don't expect much.
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    Simply NOPE!

    Well without re-coding the mp.dll and client.dll which isn't possible without a hell full of a knowledge of Hex-Coding and C.

    BTW why do you think that the CS:S bots are so smart?

    CS:S have the most unbalanced and dumb AI.
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    use a custom nav + use this mod
    this make the bots more smart a little bit
    XD XD XD


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