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Anyone has login problems? or it's only me!

In the last few weeks I got few problems when I tried to open my gb account in my university like "Your IP blacklisted" and now when I tried to open it from my pc I got 
"Looks like you're logging in from a new location - please confirm the verification email sent to you"
It's not even a new location or device I used it to open my acc lol.

I know that tom is trying hard to make gb great and I appreciate it, but isn't that OVER to login?

Plus ... that "Are you Robot" thing when you login ughhh unbelievable.


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    Mh...my login works justfine and I use 1Password which often leads sites to think I am a robot.

    Are you using a VPN or anything that might let the site think you are logging in from a different location ?
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    In 4 teh grils.
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    This should work a little bit better as of now, just publishing some improvements. There's no longer email verification for unknown IP's, just a captcha input and an advisory email.
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    testing 1234 222
  • 14d
    It happend to me recently.
    Loging in from new location XD ( Actually it is right. I usually log in GB on the bed, and last night I faild loging in GB while I was in the kitchen XD )
    Ya Allah Sobhan
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    It's not a "new location". It's your public IP that changes so the system takes it as a different place. 

    Though, as tom said before, there have been some changes. Hope it fixes your issue(s).
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    The Deadviper
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    I have to use a Verizon mobile card for my internet due to my location, which made the new login a real hassle when it required the email bit.  Glad this got reverted as I definitely prefer the "U R Robot boi?" feature instead.
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    BF2 Enthusiast


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