adding more firing sounds to default weapons?

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So I downloaded some gun sounds and i am wondering if is it possible to add more firing sounds to default weapons? Thanks.
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    Do you mean having it randomize the sound with each shot based on the ones you've downloaded, or do you mean just all-together replacing the old ones?
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    Like if it's a "Ak47" skin then it should have "weapon_ak47.txt" with it, open it up And look for "Sounds" section and find "weapon_ak47.Shoot" or something like this.

    Then rename it to (or you don't need to but anyway)
    To "weapon_ak47.shootcustom"

    Then create a folder within "sound" folder named "weapons"
    And create a "ak47.txt" and put the following (if i'm correct)

     #some stuff here that i forgot(see in the vpk)
    #cuz i'm on a mobile

    "wave" "weapons/ak47/shoot1.wav"
    "wave" "weapons/ak47/shoot2.wav"
    "wave" "weapons/ak47/shoot3.wav"

    Then put this to "game_sounds_manifests.txt"


    That's it.

    Well basically you need to put more file names with path under the first one to have more sounds going.

    Hope this helps.
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