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I hear a lot about "Net Neutrality" and a "politician" called Ajit.

What im talking about is that means going to Google to login un GB you must pay for use Internet services. (And my parents will not pay for It)

Im f***** worried ;(


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    It's only for people from USA, and is not even confirmed.
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    Your internet's fine now, isn't it? Your parents are already paying for internet services.

    There's no need to worry.

    Many have been deceived into thinking removal of Net Neutrality will no longer make the internet "free and open" but that's the problem; it never was under Net Neutrality. It was "free and open" by someone else's standards and because they "said so." Don't know if you saw, but a TON of copyright issues ran rampant across Youtube, and many other places started getting completely crazy about what's deemed "appropriate" and what "doesn't break copyright." NONE of this was the case before Net Neutrality. The removal will stop this.

    What's more, many people think removal of Net Neutrality means the government will start to censor what they don't like or stuff that's "illegal." This is also not true. A Federal Proposal has been created called "Shall Not Censor" which will prevent the FCC and their subsidiaries from censoring things they don't agree with carelessly. 

    Now, if you had to login to Google just to access Gamebanana, that would mean Google bought Gamebanana; not because of the removal of Net Neutrality. That's silly. What's more, many of the "dangers" of the removal of Net Neutrality were exaggerated to try to get people up-in-arms about it. Like having to pay a fee JUST to use gaming services or having to pay a fee to access Youtube; that's very unlikely, not only from a logical standpoint but from an international standpoint. As users from other countries would have to also pay a fee to access these sites and services, when this is an American legislation.

    Also, many talk about how ISPs will "throttle" connection speeds to make way for larger corporations. This is an everyday occurrence, and was even with Net Neutrality implemented, as bandwidth is not "unlimited." But the main ISPs surrounding the "bad things" of the removal of Net Neutrality are Comcast, Verizon, and such companies. Not ones like Cox and others. The experience with Comcast and Verizon will vary compared to Cox. It's unlikely, but if an upgrade fee IS required, that only means upping netspeed from its current speed to a higher speed and more bandwidth, not to access commercially available services like Steam, Youtube, Gamebanana, etc.

    Like you, I was concerned about the removal of Net Neutrality until I researched more into it and the lies of what would happen if it was removed. Now I see the good that'll come from this. Don't be deceived and don't fall into the hysteria of sending death threats to Ajit Pai or who appointed him; that makes everyone seem bad and Net Neutrality seem even worse.
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    Eph. 4:31-32 | 1 Cor. 15:1-4
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    Net neutrality doesn't mean anything. You are from Spain therefore such a concept doesn't even exist there. By the way, Ajit made a video on Youtube that is supposedly making fun of the net neutrality supporters. Everyone's lost their minds. Poor little redditors getting their panties twisted the 2nd november in a row.

    Funny that people are getting so angry over losing something that didn't even exist until 2015. Obama brought it in the first place I think, around the time the internet became super mainstream and kewl.
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    Well, it might happen.

    But we are going to fight for it. It is bad kid, but we Americans are going to kick some ass and show the FCC that our people cannot be trampled.

    Although yeah if we do get trampled your country may take after us. America tends to inspire people in the best and worst ways.
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