Gravity Gun & Crowbar Remastered

A Forum Thread for Half-Life 2

I'm creating this tread to show those people that are not familiar to the creation of  BlueFlytrap's Remastered Gravity Gun also known as the Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator.

Here are some sample Pics of it.
(In game Render)

(SFM Render)

The link to the official Thread of it. Click here! ( I read the rules and I can't find anything that I did here that may violate the rules but if I did I'm sorry and do the necessary things you need to do)
You can also find the download page in the link.

Post Update:

The author BlueFlytrap also updated the official thread which he added a remastered Crowbar. You can find it in the 2nd page of the official thread. (Link Above)

Sample pics
(SFM Render)

(Source SDK Render)

(In Game Render)

In addition, the link above is a safe website called created by the same dev  that made gmod & rust. 



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