L4d2 VPK.EXE Compiling problems

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Hi there, like the thread name already said, i`ve have some problems when compiling my costum Model into *.*vpk

The compiling progress runs without an error, but when i try to test my Model, it`s invisibel.

I´m starting to search for the issues, and compare other costums model vpk`s. with mine.

I think the reason is that while the Compiling progress the VPK.exe rename my *.*vtx files.

For example, the "survivor_teenangst.dx90.vtx" file was rename to "survivor_teenangst.vtx" after compile. But it have to be "survivor_teenangst.dx90.vtx" like in the other`s "Model.vpk"

I´ve try a couple of different VPK versions, but it is always the same.

Anyone have an idee, how to fix that problem ?
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