How to make the human soldiers on same team..?

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How to make human soldiers on a same team as player (Freeman) in HL - without coding of course if it is possible to achieve that..?

Good example is on Boot Camp mod of HL:OF?

I know that there can be used entity flags.. but how to make soldier or human grunt to follow the player like team of soldiers (player is their leader so they follow him)
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  • I tried. Apparently the only way is to decompile the hl.dll, go into monsters.cpp, modify the relationship type of HUMAN_MILITAR/PLAYER, then recompile the hl.dll.

    So basically, you need to do a fuckton of coding.

    The only other way is to boot up Opposing Force and spawn a "monster_human_grunt_ally"
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    I know theres something in HL2's hammer, but in HL1's hammer not sure. 
    There should be a relationship entity where you can define relationships to player and other npcs. d_ht 99 d_li 99 that kinda thing. 
    For example, you can make an allied Combine Soldier in HL2. 

    I've never mapped for GoldSrc so I don't know if that is in Hl1. 

    And theres also squad flags, I know for sure they are there. 
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