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  • Removal The Giveaway has ended, thanks for playing!
Christmas Day!
  • Addition Win Dark Souls III, Day of Infamy Deluxe Edition, NBA 2K17, Armello & 10000 points!

Christmas Finished! Come one, Come all! For the giveaway extravaganza!

It's December and that only means one thing, it's giveaway time! Here at GameBanana we love Christmas and in celebration of that fact we are going to be giving away prizes every day till Christmas! Make sure you come back each day for new prizes!

How to enter



The prizes will be a huge amount of Steam Games and GameBanana points! Last year we gave away over 60 prizes! Make sure you check out each day to find out the new prizes.

Also awarded will be medals for the winners of each day and several tiers of entrant medals depending on the number of days you enter. The entrant medals will be handed out once the whole giveaway has ended.


The first place prize of the MegaPrizes will be Wolfenstein II!

For each contest/mini competition you enter, you will gain 1 ticket (I will keep track of these so don't worry!). At the end of the giveaways (25th of December) I will draw some names from the list of all the ticket holders (if you have 1 ticket you will be in the list once, if you have 10 tickets you will be in the list 10 times) and give away some Mega Prizes as the final giveaway! So make sure you enter as many of the contests and mini-competitions (even if you don't think you'll win it on the day) to get your tickets for the final draw!

Medals will be awarded to all entrants and winners! 


We want to give a big thanks to our sponsors, who have donated games towards this giveaway. A special mention will be provided on the days we giveaway their keys.



A huge thanks to tom who funded this giveaway and basically allowed me to give away his money!

Thanks to the sponsors who donated keys to the giveaway and helped support the community. We all really appreciate it! Thanks New World Interactive and Rivals of Aether!!!

Also thanks to everyone who help me test the puzzles and help judge the contest! Big thanks specifically to AoM, Ganryu and Arman Ossi Loko.

Finally, the biggest thanks of all goes to all of you, who entered and joined in with the fun! I try very hard to make sure the days are fun and interesting. Hopefully you won something, but even if you didn't I hope you enjoyed yourselves nonetheless and hopefully we will see you all next year!


Past Winners : 

Megaprize Winners : 



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