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It has come to my attention that the Inferno update seems to have broken something in the regards of texture, and also model modifications.

Recently I have tried to use my favorite mods of varying types in the game, some worked, some didn't, which is expected when the game updates. However, three that did not work made absolutely no sense. The Atomizer, The Original, and the Sun on a Stick. the first two rejected texture modifications, while the third ignored a full model replacement. By all accounts, they should have worked without a single issue, yet the game flat out rejected them.

Shortly after this I noticed a pattern. All three of these weapons are lack their own personal folders, crammed in the c_items folder, at least in regards to textures. I haven't tried any other weapons yet, though the Sun on a Stick is the most recent one I've tested. Obviously something isn't communicating right to the c_items folder, but I don't know what to do about that, if anything can be done.

I was hoping someone would know of a way to bypass this issue, assuming one exists, because it is beyond frustrating to have TF2, a game that does allow modding to a mostly client side extent, to actively decline changes to a specific file of weapons/items.


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    As of what I know, a lot of weapons have been moved to the workshop folder, including textures. The solution would probably be to just rename/add the folders.
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