How to use custom content in non-steam games?

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Hello everyone!
First of all, by non-steam games I don't mean to pirated versions of Source games (Ex. Download HL2 from a YT tutorial.)
I mean to games that aren't on Steam but they work with Source Engine, hope it's clear now.

You know, there are many games that allow custom content like Insurgency, CS:S, etc... and they work with Source Engine ofc. So my question is.......Is it possible to configure Steam in order to load custom content for a non-steam game?

For example, I have a CSO2 mod for CS:S where there are many weapons and bla bla bla...And I tried using the normal method to use custom content, you known, create the folder "custom/my_custom_stuff/....." and run the game via Steam, but seems it's not working.

Any configuration can help me to run custom content for the game using this method?? I don't want to be changing the default content one, two, three, four, etc... times just to change a few weapons.

Thanks for reading and sorry if it's too long ^^



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