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Ok... I'm desperate.  And hopeless at this point.  But MAYBE someone here can help me as a "last resort".  Just about to give up.

For the longest time I couldn't get on any doom servers for the original Doom 3....  Only had the BFG edition via steam... too few choices on maps.

Recently I "re-discovered" several sites that offered Doom 3 .PK4 file maps that I used to play about 10 years ago.  Totally brought the game back to life for me and a buddy of mine.  

I've found *most* of the old maps I used to play, like CastleDoom, Deck16, HyperCube, etc.   But there are a couple of ones that I'm missing.  WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE HELP finding them.   Don't know what they're called but I can describe them.  Here goes:

1.  One was a "southwest" type scene with a watchtower in the center of it.  Kind of had a "canyon" feel to it.  Top of the watchtower had a health sphere.  Directly beneath the watchtower was a hole you could climb down via ladder and get a BFG.   The canyon walls had tunnels around the perimeter with armor & stuff. 

2.  Second one was an indoor facility that had a door that exited to a couple of catwalks in "outer space" that led to a couple of ladders that took you up to some very high platforms.  (I know the description sucks, but that's what I remember from 10 years ago).  On the top of the highest platform was either a BFG or a plasma gun... 

3.  Both of the above maps had some kind of modified plasma gun that allowed you to Right-Click the gun to fire it... and if you right clicked (instead of left clicking), it would concentrate several plasma bolts in to one "dink" that instantly killed your opponent.   There may have been a key sequence to hit that activated that feature... I can't remember.

Really trying to dust off the old stuff and re-live the past glory days of Doom 3.  Anyone from that era might remember the everyday players in the doom servers that were legends:  Chofish, Ham Sandwich, Perfect Circle, Fish Sandwich, and many others.   My buddy and I played right along with them...  and we've been out of circulation (the doom servers just kind of died) for a few years.  

Any help you could offer with #1 through #3 above would be VERY appreciated.  And I'm happy to share any PK4 maps that you may be missing. 
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