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Hey guys! I'm Lode the future owner of Zombiescape. I've created lots and lots of servers. I've tried/used almost every gamemode/plugin (from vanilla survival to prison servers). My goal is to satisfy my players (and myself). But nothing really worked out. The "original" ideas kept getting bored after a while. And players kept leaving.

There are too many servers with the same plugins and games. To build a nice and friendly community these days you have to be original with the new servers you create. So after thinking for a long time I decided to just invent a new gamemode/minigame without getting stuck with the plugins that are required for my idea to work.

I want people to enjoy my server. That was always my main goal to achieve. So I decided to think about a gamemode that's original and really fun to play. A short while ago I finished my idea and contacted a java developer because I can't write java myself. The gamemode I've "invented" is fully based on a mod from the game Counterstrike Source that I've played in the past for (too) many hours. 

The mod was and still is called "zombie escape". For the people who do not know or heard about this mod I will post a video and give an small explanation. The mod is based on 2 teams of players. Zombies and survivors. At the beginning of each round everyone is a survivor. After a while a random zombie is chosen. The goal for the zombie(s) is to infect all survivors, this by hitting them. The goal for the survivors is to use their guns and push back the zombies while "escaping" the map/arena. This minigame is mainly based on teamwork from both sides.

The video of the real Counter Strike mod: A while ago there were servers with the same kind of minigame. They all went offline for some reason. These server gave me many ideas for this gamemode/minigame. I used some ideas of them and added my own features to make the gamemode look even more on the real mod of Counter-Strike.A message to the veterans that are similar with the mod: 
Did you enjoyed playing zombie escape as much as me? Would you love to see a minigame in Minecraft that's almost the same of the Css/Cs:go mod? Be sure to contact me. I could always use people for building replica maps on the server and to get some new ideas.

Do you don't know the mod but you are really intrested?
I could use any help there is. If you have the same mindset as me you can also always contact me.
There will be a lot of testing before the official release.

Some of the features:

  • Survivor kits.
  • Guns with knock back power.
  • A motherzombie that will be the first zombie spawned in a round. For this zombie it will be easier to infect his/hers first survivor.
  • Checkpoints that have to be defended by the Survivors.
  • A point system were players can earn points for surviving, killing/infecting other players.
  • Points that can be used to buy new kits.
  • Premade zombie kits: Regular/fast/tank zombie.
  • A ranksystem to earn levels for playing.
  • ...
If you are interested you can always message me on skype or send me an email.:

Skype: Lode.j

email: lode.120@hotmail.comI 

hope to hear from you guys!



More information on PMC: https://www.planetminecraft.com/forums/minecraft/servers/zombiescape-server-with-custom-p-556589/
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