My Future Model Importing Plans

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Since I've thought of a decent amount of ideas for model imports, I decided to put them here to see what other people think of it. I'm a beginning model importer and I'm still trying to master rigging so I'd start with the more simple models first then move on to more complex models. If anyone would like to collaborate please let me know. I already requested some of these but I might take them on if I get the proper resources.

-Bubsy over Luigi (model by Nibroc.Rock)
This was actually going to be my first model import, I made a small start but put it aside after encountering problems with rigging. I have the CSPs and voice though.

-The Noid over Luigi (model from Yo! Noid 2)
Remember when I requested Luigi dabbing over side taunt? Remember that one Yo! Noid fan game where Noid could dab? Yep, this is the character I was talking about in the request. The model is a bit low-poly but I can try it.

-Cuphead over Mega Man
I remember someone requested Cuphead over Mega Man with a 3D model. I know there's another request for Mr. G&W but I'd rather not because the moveset doesn't make sense and someone would have to make Cuphead sprites for that. It'd fit better over Mega Man.

-Hat Kid (A Hat in Time) over Toon Link (need model rip)
I actually requested this a few days ago but I'd like to make an attempt if I get a model rip. I can use the Smashified art as the CSPs. I'd have to add swag bones for the cape and ponytail and I currently have no experience with swag bones.

-Professor E. Gadd?
No idea about this one, really. It could go over Luigi but I'm not sure.

-Peashy (Hyperdimension Neptunia) over Mario or Luigi (or maybe Ness or Lucas)
Given that Peashy probably has the size of one of these characters it could go over one of these. I'm not sure though, and we already have a lot of Neptunia mods already but I could try.

-Dillon over Sonic
Surprised no one did this yet. It sounds like a great idea but I know nothing about Dillon's Rolling Western. (and no simple model swap, it must be rerigged over Sonic)

-Sigma over Ganondorf (need decent model)
Sounds like a great idea, the sword could even be replaced, but there aren't really any good models except for the Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite model.

-Aerith Gainsborough over Palutena
I downloaded the model and it's not in a T-pose. Great. This one would probably be difficult for me to tackle.

-Super Brainz over Ganondorf or Ryu (need model rip)
I really want a PvZ mod in ths game. I tried finding a link to the model to no avail and I don't own the game myself. It'd probably fit better over Ryu than Ganondorf but then I'd need swag bones for the cape.

-Shy Gal over Peach
Again, surprised no one did this yet. Why not?

-Touhou characters (MMD models)
If there's one model import I really want, it'd be anything Touhou and it's been so long since modding this game became possible yet there's still nothing. I heard MMD models are hard to work it, and rigging would probably be a pain for me. I could take some of the Brawl mods and use their rig as a base then update the model.

-Mario with arm cannon over Mega Man
Self-explanatory. Obviously inspired from Mario + Rabbids.

This isn't gonna be simply Mario's SSB4 model over Sonic. The textures should be edited to resemble Somari's sprite. Again, surprised no one did this yet.

That's all folks! If I get more ideas I will update this.



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