I require assistance!

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... please?

so... there's a little something I'm working on, but I need  a little bit of help with my project, modelling and stuff, and how to mod hats in general. if for some reason you are interested in helping me, please, feel wanted and welcome.

My idea is.- to take the Point n' Shoot's model, and add to it.

What I want to do:                            ....    oh, and please don't judge me

1.- Add 2 models to each side of the hat's rim, on the right side: a model of Green Shadow (female peashooter from PvZ Heroes) and on the other one the Peawitched Cannon (a spawnable pot plant from PvZ GW2 that's a peashooter dressed as a Wizard (so cute omfgjedfqisdfnqpn))

2.- Add 3 keychains dingling around at the tip of the hat: one on the Hot Wheels Twin Mill, the other one of the Hot Wheels Bone Shaker, the third one is Sonic in his Sm4sh trophy pose.

3.- Merge the bullets from the Brim Full of Bullet's strap on to the Point n' Shoot's

4.- Add a pair of Goggles... :,v
Purple, Reflective, Snow/Speedway-like goggles, ....perhaps an orange rim? with a lighter orange strap?

There's also a little something else I wanna make, an edit to the Mark of the Saint so that you have a model of Solar Flare on the class's left shoulder, there's also... something I wanna do with that, and it's make it so that when the player is Übercharged, there's fire coming off of Solar Flare, it could be done using invisible geometry.

What I have done myself.-

1.- A low poly base model for a peashooter

2.-The basic shape of the Twin Mill's body

3.- Changed the textures of a Sonic Model to be more accurate to my purposes

What I need help with.-

... Basically everything

okay, to be more specific, I need help with

1.- Modelling the Twin Mill into an actual car, not just the body,

2.-Modelling the Bone Shaker as well

3.- Modelling the Peashooters and Sunflowers

4.- Rigging the Sonic model, I downloaded (I also edited the textures to be more accurate to the Sm4sh Sonic trophy)
Note.- the nose is separate to the rest of the face

5.- Modelling the goggles

6.- Texturing

7.-Rigging the Jiggle bones of everything (Y´know, the keychains, Green Shadows cloak...)

What I could do.- (I don't want to be a complete dead weight)

1.- Pose Sonic into his Sm4sh trophy pose

2.- model the base for the Bone Shaker's body and Solar Flare

3.- What ever you feel like I could do, just, y'know, don't make it too hard on me, I understand the basics, but not
 the really complex stuff you can do in blender

If for some reason you wanna help me, hit me up, I use Blender as my modelling program

also imma F2P if you could give a Point n' Shoot, a Mark of the Saint, and a Dead of Night painted the Value of Team work that would be appreciated, wink, wink, nudge, nudge

Please, share this anywhere you want to, because I'm NOT going to be able to do this alone, not with how terrible I am, so please, tell ya buds, because I require assistance!   ... please?


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    Nobody has to contact you via GMail; you already have this thread, and this site features a PM system as well. There's also your profile page, so there's plenty of ways to contact you here.

    As for what you're asking, you'll need to find the Source plugins for Blender that will allow you to work with the known formats that the Source engine works with, as well as a useful tool called Crowbar. There should be further documentation in the tutorials section as well, so you should be set to get started once you've gathered the appropriate tools and plugins.
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    This sounds like the cringiest mod ever.....and its gonna be fucking amazing if you manage to make it
    likes skins,LOVES drama
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    Please give download if you manage to do this.


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