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Which is the best skybox program which you can recommend?


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    There is many software which you can use, here are three basic ones but they do the job:

    1) Space engine
    Not really specialised for this. Its a space simulator but the only reason I've talking about it here is that can export your position/current location to env map, so basically if you are on the moon looking up at earth you can turn everything around you into a skybox. You can edit planets to your will and make everything look how you want to. That's how I made some of my earlier skies. On export:

    sky_neg_x = back
    sky_neg_y = down
    sky_neg_z = left
    sky_pos_x = front
    sky_pos_y = up
    sky_pos_z = right

    2) Hugin
    This software puts together several images you took into one panorama so it's easier to work with. This is useful if you don't have a 360 camera. This takes some time to learn but once you get the hang of it it will be really easy to work with it. Also, it's free, unlike some others

    3) SkyPaint
    Turns your panoramas into a sky. Make sure your image is in jpeg, open it, resize the sky to 256^2 and export as Quake II targa (for Goldsource). Skypaint works best with equirectangular images such as:

    Notice how the bottom and top of the image is warped, that will be the bottom and top-most few pixels of your sky. Otherwise Skypaint will put white circles there instead which you will have to fix yourself (for example using clone stamp with 0 hardness in Photoshop). You can do that by "painting" the current view in the Skypaint window. Painting can also fix ugly seams or pixelated areas

    I am gonna try to get a high res camera and make my own someday (I live in a city so that's a big issue however)
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