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Hi, I need help with Milkshape, or rather with the model.

I ported from CS: S to CS1.6.
And it seems like everything turned out, but I got bored with this problem, on some weapons my hands are not in the right place.

In the "QC File" he wrote both "rotate -90" and "rotate 90".

Even do not know what to do, so help urgently.
Thank you in advance


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    There is Moving ? do you have put object in right position ? the bones are connected ? have you right vertex ? dont change command in qc file just the file name for advance
    Empty World
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    ir just happens when you decompile a css model, you have to do it the right good long way
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    Texture Specialist
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    Always play the animation in Milkshape 3D before compiling to prevent this (or other anim/position error)
    About the camera try to use custom origin (if u lazy to move the bones in the anim files, like me)
    Or.... recreate the animation from scratch (or not because hand position seems fine)
    XD XD XD
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    Try decompiling css models by CROWBAR.
    It fixes the rotation issues...
    Asalmo Alal Hosein


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