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How to Decompile CSGO maps to CS-Source?

A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike: Source

Hello! I am trying to port over some of the maps from CSGO to CS-Source, more specifically CS-Source V34. I have the hammer map editor installed, is there anything else I need to download? I also need a basic tutorial of hammer and how to port the maps over, as this is the first time I've ever done anything like this. Cheers!


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    CSS v34 is tricky, I had lots of problems setting that up and never managed to. That game runs on a very old version of the Source also the one used for the retail version of the game.

    You will need compiling tools for that version of the engine which I still can't find on the internet. If I ever do, I'll release them here

    If you were to port over to the latest version of CSS (steam for example) you can use BSPSource to convert the map back to an editable valve map file. Lots of errors will be produced and some data will be missing because decompiling isn't perfect.

    A good way to think of it is you're breaking a car apart for scrap violently with a heavy duty construction truck and then expecting the pieces to fit together perfectly when you put them back together again. Therefore it's always best to ask the map creator for the original map file

    You will also need to deal with porting over textures etc. Eventually you will get so fed up of this that you will close ragequit hammer. Happens to me a lot. But if you somehow manage to fix every error and re-create it perfectly, you have the issue with finding the correct compilers for v34. Good luck
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    I don't know if this is true, but I think I read a guide a while back saying that you can import the map into 3DS Max, and you can export it for CS:S from there.


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