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Smash Version: 1.7 (Newest)
Console update: 5.5.2
When I try to go any farther of the Character Selection Screen with a Modpack that I made in Sm4sh Explorer, especifically when it loads, a Error appears every time, and the console freezes, someone can help me to figure out what is happening please?


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    First things first. make sure the mods are on the SDcard int he right order like this D:/SDcaffiine/0000555.. <-(the number folder for the game)/content/patch and 2nd, which method are you using to load your mods? The webexploit through loadiine has been patched out but there are other webbased sites that you can go through but they have very very little successrate. If you are using Haxchi, then click haxchi, let it reboot and then launch smash bros.


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