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So like a week ago I put that Froppy model import over Greninja on my modpack... everything was fine until I get into the splash screen and boom: Stack Dump. So I removed the mod. And today I put that Tiara model import over Dark Pit and when I selected the stage... boom again, Stack Dump. I changed that number in the sm4shmod.xml file instead of dumping the game again if that matters... Can anyone help me?


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    Was it over excisting default slot you put the mod or as an extra slot? Cuz if its extra slot then you need to go to ui_character_db.bin , find the entry for the character. increase the total slotcount to match with the extra, say you have 1 extra slot that means the nr 8 in line 6 shall be 9 (8 default plus 1 extra), also scroll down to where the nameplates are and change the 0 to 1 to give it a default nameplate. if your in EU you can edit the ui_character_db in eu_en folder


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