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I am encountering 2 problems while mapping :

1. I made a bomb defuse map , in it everything works fine but one problem is that none of my CT can buy defusal kit , is says " This item cannot be purchased in this map "

2. In a VIP rescue map , in the section asking for whether you want to become CT or T or spectate , there is no option for becoming a VIP and ironically , whenever i press CT , it automatically make me a VIP and i cant play as CT , like i am the VIP always .


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    1. Have you created bomb target entities?

    2. You can't choose to become the VIP, it is assigned to a random player. If you are the only one on the server at a CT you will always be the VIP
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    I have messaged you, I hope you seen it.

    I want you to try some things out, first.

    Try buying the defuse kit on other defuse maps.
    If that works, than the issue is in your particular map.

    Now the second thing.

    You cannot become VIP when you want.
    You'l have to wait when you come along.

    In order to be a VIP everytime, type in console bot_defer_to_human 1

    Update: bot_defer_to_human 1 will also make the bots not defuse the bomb, so you'l have to defuse it on your own.
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    1. Check your map file name, VGUI buy menu only allows defuse kit to be bought in de_ maps only. So, add de_ prefix in the map file name.
    2. Same, add as_ prefix instead.
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