How do you load mods on 5.5.2?

A Forum Thread for Mario Kart 8

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So, I have haxchi installed on my wii u and all of the files in the right place, I load mocha and then sdcaffine but my mods don't load up. It only loads vanilla Mario Kart. 
I decided to make this thread because I can't find answers anywhere else.


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    Unless I'm mistaken, SDCafiine doesn't work with MK8 because of its ability to use the SD card
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  • 2mo
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    i have a similar problem, but instead of loading without mods, its loading and then freezes. help, its for a club.
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    I have tried for 2 hours installing mods on 5.52 please help me if u can. 
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    there is two (possible) fixes 1.-try the geckiine wich is tcp gecko + cafiine or this program called swap dcr wich als combines the two programs but i think it runs regular cafiine like in


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