I can't play custom maps with bots

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I play CS: Source a lot especially with bots, and I got bored of the official maps, so I want to play custom ones with bots. But when I (If I am right) play alone the map works perfectly but when I want to play with bots It starts to sample walkable space. Before even half of the bar is finished It freezes my game so I have to close it. Custom maps obviously work in servers made by other people but I really want to shoot terrorists instead of shooting zombies (I play zombie plague a lot...). Any help is appreciated, thanks.


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    if you are trying to play zombie maps with bots i dont think that will work
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    If the sampling freezes or takes some time then I recommend you to let it take some time...
    If that still doesn't help then you can just search the .nav for the specifc map..

    Or if you Play in windowed mod then switch to Fullscreeen...

    It helps me...
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