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How to add same effect like in that video; on beginning of the game the camera is positioned like it show in video, ninja go to already dead scientist and shots him in the head, then you  go to "dying state cuz of blood loss" and screen "turns off" as seen, and then you "open your eyes again" and ninja come from dead scientist to you and shots you, and the end scene where ninja shots you (the player) and then the gargantua came in and pushes the crate to smash the ninja. How to create exactly those things?, btw the tutorial on trigger_camera on TWHL.INFO didn't helped me a lot.


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    You can try to decompile the map to see how it's done. Theorically, this is not really hard (scripted_sequences and env_fades I think), but this kind of sequence is a real pain to do (at least for me because GoldSrc's entity system is... not really convenient, at least for me)
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    Yes i am trying to create intro for the map with that trigger_camera, yes that is exactly the one i followed, but i need camera for something else than shown in that tutorial.

    But however, how is the mentioned mod's outro created exactly? 

    Where Gargantua kill the ninja with pushing the crates to them, i am mainly interested in that part

    Thanks to both of you
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