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A new Exploit for Wii U 5.5.2 is now released!

A Forum Thread for Mario Kart 8

A new Exploit for all Wii U's on 5.5.2 has now been released, although its relativity unstable, it does work and should be used to install Haxchi, here are the instructions for the exploit, from the source 

  1. Put the hombrew launcher on your SD card (1.4 does work but theres been people saying 1.3 works better)
  2. go to on your wii u and you'll be presented with 4 different versions on the exploit, choose which one you want to use (it seems like people have had most success with #2)
  3.  if all goes well, you should boot up into the hombrew launcher, i'd use this opportunity to install Haxchi, as this exploit is still pretty new and is pretty unstable and will freeze a lot
note, if you're wii u freezes, just force a power off and try again, if you're screen goes grey-white but it freezes, thats the correct one, just power off and try again

if you're still having issues after a while, try resetting the browser save data and try again, good luck everyone!



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