Decals.wad limitations?

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I want to find a way to not mess with decals.wad and make infodecals be gathered from my custom .wad instead

Hi awesome people! :)

As there is a retro vibe in the air I went on tinkering with an older engine rather than a new one but I ran into a problem that I can not solve.

So the issue is that my infodecals only load in the map if I put them inside the decals.wad. Can someone explain to me how I can get around that?
Maybe I need to use a special folder structure for it to work?

I have the decals present also in the my_mapname.wad but they are not take from there (all images with "{" prefix seem to be ignored). And they don't load either if I use "-wadinclude my_mapname.wad" on compile.

So again in short. The transparent images with "{" only load if I put them in the decals.wad  ...however I don't want to mess with peoples original decals.wad in the root directory.

Thanks in advance!

My reply may be late here as I will be busy. Will return tomorrow probably.


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    Rules of decal placement:
    1. Once a decal is placed, don't move it.
    2. Once a decal is placed, don't move anything else.
    3. Once a decal is placed, don't breathe in its general direction.
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    I think infodecal entity only allows decal.wad textures.

    I tried with other wad but infodecal didn't rend it.
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    You must use original decal wad, other decals will not show in game.
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