Freeze on Wii U Channel after loading SD+Caffiene

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Hi everyone!  I got a major problem.  Whenever I  go to load my mods on the loadiine website on the Wii U Browser.  I always choose SD + Caffiene when I want to load my mods.  Recently I have been adding new mods and had to erase old ones.  So I think in the process I have messed things up.  After I go through the process of choosing SD + Caffiene, loading the browser back up, Pressing the A button, etc.  I go to load up Smash 4.  It plays the music as usual when the Wii U channel screen loads up. However, immediately after the screen stays on that channel screen on the gamepad and the TV goes black with the LED light on and it stays like that forever.  I tried erasing all the files out of the workspace folder in my sm4shexplorer folder, rebuilt the mods, and it didn't fix it.  So I don't know what to do now.  HELP!


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    Have you not heard? Wii U update hit a little while ago that patched the loadiine exploit.

    All you can do for now is download crunchyroll and wait, some of the guys in the hacking scene are working on an exploit for it.
    y tho
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    Sounds like your wii u updated. Don't worry, a lot of us are in the same boat and people out there are working on a way back in, whether or  not the crunchyroll exploit will work we're gonna find a way back in.

    For now just install crunchyroll in case the exploit they're working on works and type in the DNS on this thread:
    My Wii U is 5.5.2 now, rip...
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    This has happened to me before. I suggest you delete your newest mods.
    SSB4 and MK8 Modder
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    This doesn't sound like his WiiU updated.
    I have had this issue several times before. It happens sometimes when I used Send to SD card on Sm4shExplorer.
    To fix I delete the files on the SD Card and instead of using Send to SD Card, I move them manually to the proper place.


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