(HELP ME TEST) Fixing the 20 stage song limit

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EDIT: This fix has been verified to work. Check out my tutorial here.


I don't know if this issue was ever fixed or not so here goes...

There was a known issue where if a stage has over 20 songs (excluding Super Mario Maker), the rarity of the songs in position 21 and above won't save. Now, note how Super Mario Maker, having I think about 27 songs does not have this issue.

I was looking at editing ui_stage_db.bin, and found that Entry 52, Super Mario Maker's entry, Field 21 is set to a value of 98. That is the ONLY STAGE with that value, and ALL OTHER STAGES have a value of 255.

I went on and though, if I were to change another stage to have Field 21 to have a value of 98 and not 255, I could achieve the fix of the rarities of song 21 and above not saving.

So I tried this with Kalos Pokemon League, which (ironically) is Entry 21. I set Field 21 to from a value of 255 to a value of 98.

Then, I made the stage have 22 songs. I saved and compiled the mods and took it to CEMU.

After setting the rarities to random positions, and playing one match, I restarted CEMU, and it looked like it remembered the positions of song 21 and 22!


Now the thing is, I was only able to do this with 22 songs, and the thing is, only on CEMU, because Nintendo decided to kill our fun with update 5.5.2.

If someone could test this method for me, with up to even 40 songs which is the max, and see if it works, it would be highly appreciated. Again, I do not know if this issue has been fixed yet, but if not, I might have found a fix. Please Help Me!!! ... plz? If so, I specifically wrote how to do it above and should theoratically work with any stage. Thnx :)



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