Removing default music from a stage?

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Does anyone know how to remove default music from a stage/ main menu?  I've tried removing the songs from each individual stage through the Sm4shMusic plugin, but instead of removing the song, it removed all of my custom songs and left blank spaces.  


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    Tried it before, but you can only replace and add music.
    Music converter
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    The blank space issue was a bug I encountered, though I can't remember how I fixed it and how I made it happened hahah.
    Anyways, I was able to remove songs from stages. I even moved one from Final Destination to Suzaku Castle.
    Try this:
    In the Sm4shMusic plugin, go to the My Music tab, and select your stage. (for me Final Destination)
    Under SoundDB, pick a default song (for me Master Hand), and then press the red Cross below the box. When it asks you to remove the bgm from MyMusic as well, click Yes.

    That should remove the song from the stage, and it will not show up in My Music or ever play when in the stage. However, it is still playable with the sound test. I did it with Final Destination Ver. 2 and it worked without leaving blank spaces.


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