what about the homebrew launcher ?

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as you all know, since 5.5.2 update unexpectedly fell down on our WiiU consoles, it became impossible to load mods through loadiine website..
Although I remember there was a way to upload a "homebrew launcher" app straight on WiiU to not have to use the internet browser to load mods.
Would it mean we could use it to load mods again, since the 5.5.2 update actually just messed with the access through the loadiine website ?.. Or does the homebrew launcher relies on the internet browser too so it would make it as useless as the loadiine website is now ?..

if you guys know more bout that subject than I do, plz let me know if it could work or not, and why. I'm just giving an idea there and expect clear answers and explanations to understand.


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    It's called Haxchi where you inject an elf loader into a DS Virtual Console game. You can edit the config to load certain elf/homebrew apps on certain inputs. You could load the HBL with it.

    You will need to wait for a primary exploit (Weebhax/Crunchyroll exploit) to do this though as you cannot install Haxchi on 5.5.2.
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    Mods take me forever to make..


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