Help With Uberstyle (POINTS)

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I am looking for help with my uberstyle. I want to remove the icons from the buttons "Settings", "Submissions", and "Admin" on my studio page. I tried removing them with this code;

.IconSheet.MiscIcon.SpannerIcon {
    display: none !important;

This code removed every single icon on the website, and was not proper. I am looking to remove JUST the icons of "Settings", "Submissions", and "Admin".

Also, I want to bring that text of those links "Settings", "Submissions", and "Admin" tighter together to make it look proper. I want the finished product to look like this image below;

If it is at all possible, it would also be nice to move the square menus/links of "Personal", "Alerts", "Submissions" next to the links of "Settings", "Submissions", and "Admin", such as this image below;

Can someone please help me with this?

I will pay you with points if someone can help me do this!

-105th Inc.


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    #DropdownMenuSubNavigator {
        margin-top: -55px;
        margin-left: 210px;
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